Self esteem comes from enjoying the triumph of having small accomplishments. When you take steps to change things in your life that bug you, you reinforce a message to your brain that you are worth it and that you value your peace of mind and happiness. That create a ripple effect of happy chemicals that calm your body and give you a sense of well-being. When you’re in that “I’m worth it” mindset food loses it’s advantage in the emotional tug of war.

All too often we fall into patterns of tolerating things in our life that displease, bug and annoy us.

Whether they are a leaky faucet, a disorganized closet, a cluttered space, painting the spare bedroom, a broken bathroom tile, a dirty kitchen or a jacket in need of mending, the effect on your psyche is the same. It will make you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Just like wearing too-tight clothes makes you feel fat, walking around your environment and seeing things that bring you down will make you feel pressured and frustrated.

When you find yourself trying to ignore the upset that you feel, living with these little buggers, sends a message to your brain that you are not worthy of having more. Ignoring these frustrations, can feed into a negative self image.

That’s when you may become complacent and cajole yourself into believing that you are being too picky or difficult to focus on such small things. You don’t want to rock the boat and be a pain to make something an issue if its’ not. “Let’s let sleeping dogs lie”, you may say. But if it’s bugging you, it’s not contributing to your happiness, then it’s making you miserable.

You owe it to yourself to handle all the big and little irritations that annoy you. If you can’t handle the job yourself, then consider asking for help or paying to get the job done. Because if you don’t, those buggers will eat at you until you do. Before you know it, you’re picking at the frosting of a donut that you realized you don’t even like and eating everything in your path.

Look around at your life and reassess it. Notice what irritates you and causes you frustration. Go throughout every room of your home and office and make a list of what bugs you.

Is it an overflowing closet that you avoid opening or perhaps a crooked picture that doesn’t hang straight on your wall? Start to take note of the things in your life that you have been saying, “Oh, it’s okay, I can live with it.”

Make a list of 100 of those things and each day commit to doing one small thing to eradicate those bullying buggers.

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