Shout It Out! Group Coaching Call


60 Minute Group Coaching Call with Andrea



Growing up with weight issues in a ‘thin is in’ world, you got plenty of messages from the people in your life telling
you you’re too fat. and you don’t fit in.
Whether you were teased by the school bullies, shamed at home or just felt pressured to apologize for
your size, you’ve been walking around with emotional scars caused by people’s ignorance, insensitivity
and cruelty.

You’ve held it in for a long time and tried to forget how much it hurts and how secretly angry you feel.
But the taunts and negative messages shouted by the bullies got engraved in your memory and became your inner critic,
forming the basis of all your unconscious programming. You’ve been feeling like crap for a long time.

You can’t seem to help it, but you’ve become your own worst enemy, beating  up on yourself all the time.
Convinced that everybody is judging how fat you are. Jump for joy! Because you’re about to learn the
secrets to putting all your inner bullies in their places, so you can reclaim your power and take your life and your body back.

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to Every day it’s another tooth and nail struggle fighting feelings of loathing and self-hatred toward
your body. It often feels like food is your only friend, so you stay home, avoid going out, making love, having fun
and just keep on feeling sorry for yourself.

Down deep you know that even though you’ve been knocked down, you’re ready to get back up. You’re ready to start living again.
You’re sick and tired of hiding, feeling ashamed and embarrassed all the time. Years of not fitting in and being unacceptable
has made you lose precious time. Your life has been slipping away.

color your decisions to avoid going out, having fun, making love.
Times a tickin, and your life has been slipping away. It’s time to pull yourself up, fight back and shout it out.


You’ve been fat shamed It’s time to fight back and You’ve been fat shamed and Join this 90 minute group coaching call and watch your body shame


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